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Marking products

Printing promo logos

Pad print

Pad print is simple system of application of ink to a pad to enable the stamping of promotional products such as pens, key rings, cups, mugs etc.

Due to the flexibility of stamping process irregular surfaces can also be imprinted.

Wide range of applications
With the appropriate choice of paint we are able to print on many different surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal, wood etc.

Because of the simplicity of pad printing techique it is possible to print large batches of promotional product in short time. This very much reduces production time.

Accuracy and precision

Pad printing is ideal for printing on small surfaces such as pens, key rings, rullers, cups, mugs, and many more. Logotypes of all types of all sizes even very small will remain very clear and well-defined.

Low price of pad printing makes it a very popular method of labelling for both small and large batch production.


Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery is a techique of durable marking of promotional products such as t-shirts, jumpers, jackets, trausers, bags, hats, and many more materials and products. This technique has the potential to be extended in new areas of creative use. Everything depends on the Customers will.

Advantages of computer embroidery:

Computer embroidery is very durable way for marking products. It is strong, solid, durable imprint which will last a long time and resist mechanical damage. It is waterproof which means it can be washed and ironed without damage..

Machines can print multicolors and complex designs enabling creativity and innovation.